Funnel With  Control Rod, 1 Pound Capacity

Funnel With Control Rod, 1 Pound Capacity

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Designed for neatly dispensing candy and chocolate. Great for making drops and filling molds.


  1. Place the funnel in a cup
  2. Insert the control rod
  3. Pour the candy or chocolate into the funnel no more than 3/4 full for ease of use
  4. Grasp the handle between the heel of your hand and fingers, pinning the control rod to funnel side with your thumb (refer to the included instructions for an illustration)
  5. Position the funnel where desired and gently raise the control rod until the desired amount is dispensed (we recommend you dispense slowly until you get the hang of it)
  6. Use caution to avoid burns with hard candy
  7. Cleanup - These should be cleaned with soap and water
  8. Soaking in warm water before washing will simplify cleanup of hardened chocolate or candy

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