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We offer one stop shopping for all your chocolate and candy making needs with a huge selection, fast service, good prices, and free technical support. Although that sums up the essentials in one sentence, we actually offer far more than that including free online chocolate and candy making information.

Random Products From The Store

#1 Teacher Card Chocolate Mold
Price: $1.99
Golf Bag Lolly Chocolate Mold
Price: $1.99
Candy Apple Stick, 100 pack
Price: $5.99
F900 Figure Matting Tool
Price: $3.99
Pumpkins Pretzel Lolly Chocolate Mold
Price: $1.99
Cross Sugars
Price: $1.99

Chocolate Making
Our selection of chocolate molds is second to none with over 20,000 molds in stock for immediate shipment. From the common and popular mold styles for baby, bridal, shower, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Chanukah, and many other holidays, to exotic and unusual molds for nearly any occasion or special gifts - we have it all. One of our specialties is oversized molds and molds up to 24 inches tall are in stock.

In addition to helpful tools for chocolate making, we stock high quality Merken's coatings as well as fillings, toppings, transfers and other ingredients to provide everything needed to make and decorate chocolates that look great and taste even better. Our line of chocolate packaging and display materials round out the line with bags, boxes, ribbon, candy cups, twist ties, and more.

We offer the largest selection of free, top quality chocolate making information available anywhere. Starting with an extensive selection of projects with step by step illustrated instructions to show you how to make chocolate like a pro. Basic instruction is offered in a variety of articles as well as in online courses which are also free.

Those on Long Island / in the New York Metro area may wish to attend our live chocolate molding classes.

Candy Making
Hard candy makers will find a large selection of high temperature candy molds in a variety of subjects and for most occasions. Candy making tools, candy mix, flavorings, food color and more are in stock for immediate shipment.

We stock a selection of odd and difficult to find baking supplies including shaped cake pans, cookie cutters, decorating bags and tubes, royal icing mix, cake boards, pasty fillings, edible confetti (quins), non-pareils, edible glitter, gel food color, icing tools, sugar pearls, cake board ruffles and foil, theme cake toppers, and more.

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