Discount Program

Every purchase with a sub total of 20.00 or more of qualified products is discounted. The larger the purchase, the higher the discount up to the maximum discount of 25% as shown in the chart below:

20.00 - 34.99 5% Discount
35.00 - 49.99 10% Discount
50.00 - 74.99 15% Discount
74.99 - 99.99 20% Discount
100.00 and up 25% Discount

Qualified Products: Every product except those listed below.

Non Qualified Products:

That's as simple a program as we can devise - almost everything except chocolate, full case lots, sale, and closeout items qualifies for the discount, and it is deducted automatically for qualifying products during checkout.

Note: Discount is applied on page 3 of checkout and is shown as Volume Discount.

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