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This page details available International shipping methods and explains the shipping policies at Chocomolds.com.

NOTE: For orders within the United States please see our U.S. Shipping Information here.

We strive to make shopping with One Stop the most pleasant experience possible. Our management and staff has a combined total of over 50 years of mail order operation experience. Our policy is 100% honesty with our customers and no exaggerated claims. The information below details exactly what you can expect regarding order processing, turnaround time, and transit time.

Ship Out Time

Our order turnaround time is very fast, however it varies depending on the shipping method selected. Note that the times shown below are the typical time it takes to get the package out and do not reflect the transit time which depends on the shipping method selected and is explained in the relevant area of this page.

Orders are processed in the evening for packing the following working day. Orders arriving before 5 PM EST (New York time / GMT -5), are normally packed the following day. Orders arriving later will often add one day to the times shown below.

Exceptions - The information above is the normal time it takes to get your order out to you and applies to most orders.

Note: Priority Mail and Express Mail are the names used by the Postal Service for their various services and do not imply any special handling on our part - we strive to get all orders out in a timely manner.

Shipping Costs

Shipping charges are determined by package weight and destination. Our software calculates the shipping costs by looking up the rates on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) online rate charts and presents a menu of all available shipping options to your destination with cost. Not all shipping options appear for all destinations due to availability.

Shipping quotes before checkout may be obtained by clicking the Shipping Options Link in the Mini Basket Display in the right side column of our site. This can only calculate shipping if you have one or more products in your basket. Note: If you sign in to your account first, the shipping quote destination will be filled in automatically.

Our web site is configured to calculate the correct costs for 99.9% of all shipments, however there are several instances when a correction may be required. Note that in cases where a correct price is not quoted - your account is not billed until we issue a correct quotation and receive an authorization from you.


All international packages will need to pass through the customs office of your destination country. The rules and regulations vary from one country to the next - we suggest contacting your customs office to learn the details before ordering to avoid unpleasant surprises. This has several implications:

Service Comparison Chart

  U.S. Postal Service
International Priority Mail
U.S. Postal Service
Express Mail
Electronic Tracking None Yes - Limited tracking is available on most Express packages
Insurance All All
Ship Out Time 4 times per week 4 times per week
Cost Average High
Delivery Guarantee None None
Overall Delivery Time From Order Placement Average Fast
Saturday Delivery Varies by country Varies by country
Large Shipment Discount None None
Air Shipment Oversize Charge
(This refers to dimensional volume charges which bill additional package weight for air shipments over 1 cubic foot).
Yes Yes

General International Shipping Information

Orders to other countries are normally shipped via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) as the cost of other methods is quite prohibitive. Shipping time may range from a week to several weeks depending on delays in customs. International shipping charges include only the cost of shipping and may incur additional charges imposed by your country. There are several important things to note about shipping internationally:

International Shipping Quotes - Our web site is set up to look up postal rates to anywhere in the world, and an instant shipping quote can be had by placing the products in your shopping basket then clicking the Shipping Options link. Our software looks up the rates on the USPS online rate charts.

Tracking - Be aware that the postal service offers electronic tracking only on select (higher priced) shipping methods such as Express services. No form of electronic tracking at all is available for most postal services. Priority mail only supplies a delivery confirmation number and even when this works it can only be used to find out if the package has been delivered, not to track it. Please do not shrug this off - do not expect postal shipments to be trackable or even to have any form of unique ID number.

Freight Consolidators - Some of our larger international customers prefer to use a freight consolidator for savings on shipping cost. This is usually most economical on orders over 100 pounds (45 kilos). A freight consolidator generally will have locations in both your country and the United States. They accumulate shipments for many recipients then combine them into a shipping container for delivery to your country usually at a large savings to you. Some consolidators ship by air and some by sea (much slower). Shipments to freight consolidators within the U.S. can be sent via UPS (recommended) or USPS.

Other Shipping Methods - We do not maintain accounts with international courier services and do not export on our UPS account. If you wish to use these methods via your own account we can prepare the shipment and notify you when it is ready for pickup by your selected courier. There is no shipping charge for this service, however a 2.00 per shipment handling fee will be charged by us. If you wish to have a courier shipment you will need to let us know your account number and let us know as soon as possible after placing the order. Our sales department can be contacted with this form.

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Our business is currently closed by government order as a non essential business. As soon as we are allowed to reopen, business will resume as usual.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, but this is beyond our control and we hope all our customers stay safe in these difficult times