All orders must be placed through the web site. This streamlines the process and prevents any miscommunication. The ordering system does not require you to use a credit card online if you are not comfortable doing so, and the number may be called in to our offices during our business hours. The checkout also allows for money order payment for those who prefer that method.

In order to keep our prices low and maintain our superior level of service we no longer accept orders by telephone. We are still here to answer questions and for those who wish to call in credit card information, however our staff can no longer accept entire orders by phone (this does not apply to special order items that cannot be ordered online).


SUPPLIES - We sell only top quality merchandise and stand behind our products 100%. If you are not satisfied with any of our products, it can be returned for a refund (please note that shipping costs are not refundable).

FOOD PRODUCTS - Food products are not returnable unless defective. When ordering food products please read the full product descriptions for special instructions regarding shipping and returns. Chocolate that melts or gets chilled in transit is not considered defective.

PRODUCT SUITABILITY: If you have any questions about our products and how suitable they are for your purposes or for use with each other (for example: bag size, stick size, insert size, etc...) please contact our sales department. We guarantee that your order will be complete and accurate. We cannot guarantee that your order will be what you thought you needed unless you ask first.


We offer free expert technical support and help to our customers.


We have a nine dollar and seventy cent (9.70) minimum order. The software will not accept orders that do not meet this minimum. This allows us to keep costs down, and prices low.


We believe that all information shared with us is confidential information and treat it as such. We do not share, sell, or otherwise distribute any customer information of any type with any other businesses or persons. This applies to all information (including email addresses and phone numbers) with no exceptions. The information collected is normally only used in case we need to contact you regarding an order.

Browser Cookies - If you have your browser set to not accept cookies, you will not be able to use the online shopping feature of this site. In order for our shopping cart software to track your selections, it sets a "session cookie" in your browser during your session at this site. This cookie cannot collect personal information and is used only to keep track of the items selected during the course of your visit.

We treat customers the way we like to be treated, so you will never be subjected to annoying solicitations or other privacy intrusions by us.


We strive to maintain a 100% inventory, however on occasion we will run out of an item. We normally do not hold backorders and you will have to re-order backordered items. This policy allows us to ship your order at the fastest possible speed.


To allow for the shipping needs of a broad range of customers, it is necessary to offer many shipping options. To prevent confusion, a page has been set up that details and compares the shipping options available to customers at checkout.

Please Note! - We no longer ship outside the U.S.A.

Shipping Preview - From your mini basket on the right sidebar, you can get a shipping quote to anywhere in the world before entering the checkout system. Note that since shipping costs are based on weight, this only works if you have at least one item in your basket. Please use this system - we do not quote shipping by email or phone.


  1. BROWSE or SEARCH our pages.
  2. SELECT: When you find an item you like, add it to your basket.
  3. SHOPPING BASKET: The mini basket on the right sidebar is visible from most shopping pages. from the mini basket you can get shipping costs, proceed to checkout, or access the full basket page. You may also view your Basket at any time by clicking on Basket (located in the top navigation bar of every page).
    1. To delete an item use the remove button.
    2. To change quantities, type in the new quantity and click update.
    3. To proceed to checkout, click the Checkout link in the top navigation bar.
    4. Use the Home link at the top of the page, or the left side navigation bar to continue shopping.
  4. CHECKOUT: Select CHECKOUT at the top of any page or in the mini basket when you are done shopping.


  1. ACCOUNTS - If you set up an account your shipping and billing address will be stored on our server. We do not keep billing information. Order history will be retained and viewable when you log in.
  2. SECURITY: A Secure Server is used to ensure secure transactions. Any information entered on our order form is encrypted. This ensures that your information is kept confidential. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you arrived at this site in a frame from another site, you cannot get a secure connection. CLICK HERE TO BREAK OUT OF A FRAME and ensure a secure connection.
  3. SHIPPING ADDRESS - Our site uses address checking to compare your shipping address to the shippers database - if you get an error message, please check the information you entered. If the information is correct, the address checker may be bypassed by clicking the button.
  4. BILLING ADDRESS - This may be different than the shipping address, however it must match the address your credit card bill is sent to or the card will be rejected.
  5. SALES TAX - We are only required to collect sales tax from New York State delivery addresses. Use the drop down menu to find the delivery area of your order. Failure to do this will delay your order, while we lookup the information. For more details click here.
  6. TAX EXEMPT - All non New York State Residents are tax exempt. New York State businesses and Non Profit Organizations that have a NY ST-120 form on file with us are also tax exempt. Note: Under NYS law we must have a signed form ST-120 on file before offering sales tax exemption. This is a legal document so may be sent by mail - it cannot be sent by email.
  7. COUPONS - If any of our coupons applies to your order, enter the coupon number in the appropriate box during checkout. You must click the submit coupon button to use it. Note some coupons are not combinable with other coupons. Combinable coupons need to be submitted in this way for each coupon.
  8. PAYMENT METHODS: Please note: Our credit card processor requires the billing address of the card. If a different ship to address is required, please enter both. For your protection and ours, this inconvenience is necessary to prevent fraudulent card use. Failure to provide the correct billing address with the order will delay the order while we contact you.
    1. VISA CARD.
    5. PHONE - Select this option if you wish to call in payment information.

    6. PREPAID - Money Orders can be used to prepay orders if you do not wish to use a credit card. Simply select Money Order Payment at checkout. Be sure to include shipping charges as shown on the invoice. If you are a New York State resident you must also include the proper sales taxes for your delivery address. Orders received without the proper shipping and/or sales taxes will delay your order while we sort it out.
      Due to an enormous amount of problems with bad checks, we no longer accept checks.
  9. SHIPPING - Our software is set to accurately calculate shipping for nearly all orders, however air shipment of exceptionally bulky items with low weight may incur additional charges - if so you will be contacted before your order is processed.
    1. Credit Cards: This is the fastest way to get your order.
    2. Call with Payment: If you are not comfortable entering credit card information online, choose this option to send the order. Then call in the information to us at: 1 (516) 877-2499
    3. HOURS
      Eastern Time (New York)

      Monday - Thursday : Noon to 6 P.M.
      Friday: Noon to 5 P.M.
      Saturday: Noon to 3 P.M. (closed Saturday during Summer months)
      We close for major National Holidays

    4. Money Order: We no longer accept personal checks. If you would like you can pay by money order or cashiers check.
  11. FOREIGN ORDERS: We will ship to anywhere in the world as long as the package is insurable. All prices are in U.S. dollars. We do not ship to Nigeria.
    1. The final checkout screen will contain phone or mailing information if you chose Phone or Money Order payment.
    2. You will receive an automated email confirmation from the secure server - if you do not receive this confirmation within a few minutes please check your junk mail / spam folder as some email services automatically place computer generated mail in those folders.
    3. When you receive this confirmation, please check the information and contact us immediately if any of it is incorrect. If it is correct no further action is needed, and your order will ship as scheduled (most orders ship within 2 working days).
    4. Heavy Shipments - If you receive an "Unable to calculate shipping costs" message this means that the software is unable to make an accurate shipping calculation. Continue with checkout, you will be contacted with the shipping cost when your order is processed by our office. Your credit card is not billed on these until we send an updated invoice and receive a confirmation from you, so watch for the follow up invoice from our office.


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