What's New

As you may have guessed we are pretty excited about the new site and there are some great new features. The new shopping software is much more complex and took months of programming to set up, but the result is a site that customers will find much easier to use. There are also some features on the old site that we were unable to incorporate, and many we we able to retain or improve. I've put together this page for those customers who previously shopped with us at One Stop.

Customer Login

If you had an account at onestopcandle.com we were able to migrate 99.9% of the accounts to chocomolds.com and your customer login and password should work here. There were a few accounts that could not be migrated, and if your login doesn't work you will need to set up a new account here. Note that the order history and other information was not able to be migrated from onestop.

A new feature has been added that allows the login screen to look up your login name from your email address as well. This only works if you enter the email address in your account records.

New Features

The following improvements have been made to the site:

Same Features

These features are pretty much the same as always.

We value our customer's opinions so if you would like to express yourself about the above information (good or bad) please contact us.



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