Basic Chocolate Craft Course

Course design by Bob Sherman


Welcome to my Basic Chocolate Craft mini course. Use this course to get a quick start in molding chocolate. This is a small sampling of what you can expect in my full Basics Of Chocolate Molding course and is excerpted directly from that course. The full course goes into more detail and covers many more subjects, but this sample course will teach you how to use the most basic chocolate mold type. Site members get free access to the full course. Click here to find out about free site membership.

Please post any questions to the Message Board. You will need to register one time to use the message boards (I suggest using the same user name as you use for the members area). I try to monitor the forum and answer any questions several times a day.


Video clips have been added in places where they will help clarify the lessons.

Note: These videos are intended only to clarify the step by step instructions and photos so those should not be skipped.

Please Note - Please right click the video links and save them to your computer before watching them because you will want to watch some of them multiple times. We pay our web hosting service every time a file is viewed or downloaded and videos are very large files (some of the course videos are equivalent in size to looking at 1,300 web pages). You can help keep the cost of providing this free course affordable for us by keeping the server bandwidth to a minimum. If too many people abuse this course by viewing them repeatedly from our server, we will be forced to remove the videos.

I have chosen WMV format because they provide the best quality with the smallest file size and can be viewed with the vast majority of computers in use today. This format is native to the Windows Media player, however MAC users can download a plug in for Quicktime here.

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