How To Make Shamrock Lollipops In Hard Candy

By Bob Sherman

hard candy making suppliesThis fun project shows how to make opaque green shamrock lollys for Saint Patrick's Day. If you prefer a translucent green skip adding the whitener.

PLEASE NOTE!! - Hard Candy making requires high temperatures and caution should be used when handling the hot candy . I do not recommend allowing the family to participate as hot candy will stick to your skin and cause severe burns. If you get any on your skin, flush with cold water immediately.

Basic Hard Candy Making
This project shows how to make opaque hard candy and mainly deals with the differences from basic candy making. If you need a refresher on the basics, please see Basic Hard Candy Making.

Hard Candy Making Supplies And Materials

The following candy making supplies and other materials were used to make this project. Clicking on the item name will bring you to that item's page with a full description and ordering information.

Step 1

Remember to grease the mold.

Step 2

Heat the candy mix on medium heat. Once it reaches a boil, cover the pot for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes remove the cover and insert your thermometer. From here on, do not stir or move the pot until ready to pour.

Note: Covering the pot will allow the steam to dissolve any sugar crystals that may have formed on the sides of the pot.

Step 3

When the temperature reaches 250 degrees F. add some green food color. Do not stir - the boiling will distribute it.

Step 4

A drop of whitener gel is added with a toothpick to make these opaque. Skip this if you do not want an opaque color. Use this sparingly - a little goes a long way.

Note: Whitener added to candy containing no food color will make a frosted look.

Step 5

Again do not stir and allow the boiling to distribute the whitener. Continue boiling until the temperature is 300 degrees F. then add your flavor oil.

Step 6

My preferred method for dispensing candy is to use a funnel with control rod. I find it to be the least messy way and it provides much more control than pouring.

Step 7

If you run out of molds to fill, excess candy may be dropped on parchment paper to create candy drops.

Note: Do not use wax paper for this as the hot candy will melt the wax.

Step 8

The finished shamrock lollys.

Step 9

The finished drops.

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