Chocolate Mold Glossary And Shopping Information

By Bob Sherman

Unless otherwise described all of our chocolate molds are manufactured from clear plastic and come on sheets of varying sizes.When shopping for chocolate making supplies from the category pages you should always click the product number or thumbnail image to read the full description since the photographs can be misleading as to size.

Chocolate Mold Photos

Our chocolate mold photos are designed to show the entire finished product and are not to scale in relation to each other. The photos are sized to show the entire object and larger objects will appear smaller due to camera position. Purchasing decisions should be based upon the chocolate mold dimensions given on the product description page - every product we sell has its own description page.

Due to the difficulty of getting quality detailed photographs of clear molds, our mold illustrations show the finished product made with that mold - not the actual mold. They are mostly in milk chocolate brown because it provides a very good photograph and it is not a suggestion for what color you should make them which is a matter of personal choice.

Note: Some chocolate mold photos may still appear in gray scale similar to the photo shown above. Gray scale photos are of the actual mold and these are being phased out in order to show better detail of what the mold actually makes.

Chocolate Mold Pages

We have 2 types of chocolate mold pages:

Chocolate Mold Glossary

The following terms are commonly used when describing chocolate molds:

Support Free Projects
You can help ensure the continued availability and production of free chocolate projects by telling your friends about them. The more popular they are the more we can produce so tell your friends, mention them on message boards, link to them from your web site, etc... More information is available here.

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