Decorative Party Ice Cubes Instructions

By Bob Sherman

Jazz up the drinks at your next party using this simple technique. Chocolate and candy molds are available in a huge variety of subjects and many of them make great ice cubes for your themed party. If you are a chocolate maker, chances are you already own suitable molds, but even if you don't these molds are very inexpensive.

A visit to your local house wares store may turn up a few decorative ice cube trays, but the selection is limited and they are usually much more costly than chocolate molds.

Chocolate Making Supplies And Materials

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Step By Step Instructions

merckens coating wafersStep 1
Select a suitably sized mold in the theme of your choice. Wash the mold to ensure there is no dust, dirt, or chocolate residue.

melted chocolateStep 2
Although shallow molds will work, they are more difficult to work with and the smaller cubes melt faster.

stirring cream and chocolate togetherStep 3
Avoid filling the molds to the top - water expands as it freezes. I normally fill them approximately 7/8 full. Using a large pipette or turkey baster to fill the mold cavities will give you more control if needed.

reheating combined cream and chocolateStep 4
Place the molds level in your freezer until frozen.

stirring cream and chocolate togetherStep 5
To de mold, place the mold upside down atop a plate or pan. Allow to sit at room temperature until the ice comes out easily.

Note: Do not run these under water as it will cause cracking.

reheating combined cream and chocolateStep 6
The finished ice cubes. Unless you have lots of molds and a massive amount of freezer space, you will need to make these up ahead of time. Store them in a plastic container or sealed plastic bag in the freezer until needed.

Filling the molds with colored water will provide colored cubes. Although this sounds very interesting be aware that colored cubes may combine with drink colors resulting in unexpected colors which may not be all that pleasant looking. My personal preference is to leave them uncolored.

With a bit of planning and very little expense these will be a unique part of your party decor.

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