Valentine's Day Chocolate Packaging Ideas

By Bob Sherman

Everyone likes chocolate on Valentine's Day, but nice packaging will make it an extra special gift. The following are just a few suggestions for visually interesting packaging.

Chocolate Rose Spray

This uses the rose spray box along with the companion mold - CK9013039. This box is a custom fit for the rosebuds made in this mold. The rosebuds may also be foil wrapped if desired. For a nice finishing touch close it with a 19 inch bow stretch loop and gift tag.

I Love You Card

The I Love You Card mold looks great packaged in the CMB02 box with a CMBE0 bow stretch loop.


Some things simply don't fit well in available boxes and the gusseted cello bag is perfect for those. Bags are also great for packaging small bite sized pieces.

Twist Ties

Twist ties are a fast and simple way to close bags. Using a printed twist tie like the hearts shown here will help dress up even plain bags. Solid red, white, or pink twist ties are also suitable.

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