Member Area

Welcome to the Chocomolds members area. All of the member files have been transferred here from the Onestop Project Club and we will begin phasing out the pages there.

We have made some improvements over the old Project Club site the most notable of which are the ability to pick your own user name / password and the move of our full Basics Of Chocolate Molding Online Course here from We no longer charge for the course and it is free to members.

Member Area FAQ

Q. I have an account, why do I have to register separately for the members area?

A. For security mostly. The shopping software is designed and tested to meet the highest standards of security. The shopping cart's database is accessible only to itself - allowing another piece of software to interface with the shopping software's database would provide a potential security threat.

Q. Why does each area of the site require a different registration?

A. When we select software for the site we always choose the best one for the task (best blog, best forum, etc...). These are generally not designed to work from the same database. Although we could install an all in one package that contains all of these functions, these packages are generally inferior to individual scripts. For simplicity we suggest using the same user name and password for all areas of the site.

Q. Why have a members area?

A. Several reasons: